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Group Rules (Members)

  • YES WhatsApp groups will be open for members from 9 am EST - 9 pm EST
  • YES WhatsApp groups admin announcement time from 9 pm EST - 10 pm EST
  • YES you can report posts that are against rules and action will be taken
  • YES members breaking rules will be removed with or without warning
  • NO defaming or personal issues
  • NO hate mongering post that defame any religion / group/ ethnicity / business
  • YES Every member should have profile pic, first and last name and location
  • YES Every new member should introduce oneself in group
  • NO Kijiji classifieds OR facebook marketplace ads
  • Short conversations only. DM 1 to 1.
  • NO visuals like clothing, shoes, furniture, jewellery
  • NO political posts, No religious posts specific to one religion, NO PROPAGANDA, No initiate and No engage and No reciprocate
  • YES This group is religion neutral and welcome all religions
  • NO personal messages to group members for business promotion and marketing
  • NO pics posts like mobile, computers, jewellery etc.
  • NO rumor, panic, jokes, politics, racial, hatred
  • NO spamming, coupons, gift cards, crypto, links without summary or info
  • NO work from home job postings
  • NO forwards(job postings and useful info excepted)
  • No time pass, porn, weight loss, apparel, assignment, certificates and jewelry sales, astrology, duct cleaning, crypto, kijiji ads etc.
  • YES Only text based posts can be allowed for all types of business as exception once in a month, 1-2 Liners, No visuals or pics
  • YES think before posting in group if it makes sense for whole group
  • YES group is strictly utility group for questions, help, info( including awareness)
  • YES any news/info posted should have trusted source link with proof)
  • YES business posts including accommodation etc. are ok once in a week by Canada residents. Text posts with 1-2 pics only.
  • YES max joining of 1 whatsapp group, 1 facebook groups, 1 telegram groups, 1 signal groups by member
  • NO links to other groups outside network or its promotion is not allowed
  • YES group is for new immigrants, future immigrants, and established immigrant
  • YES group is mostly for current and future Indian expats in Canada, guests are welcome if new or established immigrant who wants help or who wants to contribute

Group Rules (Subscription)

  • One business post once in a week
  • Links to be used by only one person that is subscriber
  • Links should be not be shared with anyone
  • Links are locked and monitored
  • No personal messages to group member
  • On report subscription can be removed
  • Links are only one time use and for one time entry only
  • Links may not be reused as they keep changing
  • Subsription is for 1 year
  • Business post should have real content
  • No external links are allowed like other groups
  • Website, email, phone are ok
  • Priority post approvals
  • Sure post approvals
  • Multiple groups
  • All groups